Apps design or Mobile apps design: what it is and how to design a mobile app

Tiempo de lectura: 8 minutos From the very first moment, app design was one of our main priorities. It´s our way of letting the user know that we think of them. We make sure what´s on the surface, reflects the quality of the code that lies within. App design is much more than painting the views of the application, mobile […]

What are the steps of developing an app?

Tiempo de lectura: 5 minutos The lowdown Nowadays, speaking of app development is such a common thing, we have even coined the term “app” to mainly refer to mobile apps. Almost everyone has the idea of developing an app at some point. What not everyone gets to know is the process that the development of a mobile application must go through […]

What is IT consulting? and how IT consulting works?

consultoría apps

Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos For the IT consulting we have software consulting experts who take into account all the variables, to get to the heart of each product by putting themselves in the shoes of the client and the users. We can help you out designing the best strategy for your product so you can choose the appropriate technology, […]

What is ASO or ASO positioning and how does it work?

que es aso

Tiempo de lectura: 3 minutos ASO: positioning for apps What is ASO positioning? ASO is the acronym for App Store Optimization. In other words, optimizing a mobile application in the place in which it is released to ensure it can be in and around the top places in the search list. This would in turn increase the number or organic […]