App maintenance: what is it, why is important to hire it and how the app maintenance works.

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The world of apps is in constant motion and evolving and therefore app maintenance has become a necessity. That is why a mobile application must at least keep the project and the version of the application published in the stores updated. In this way, development can be resumed without setbacks, ensure that the components of the project do not become obsolete and detect incidents before they occur. After development, the app is still alive and we must continue to support its growth to ensure that it does not become outdated.


What is the app maintenance?

The maintenance of a mobile application consists of the product being always up-to-date and ready in case development has to be resumed to make improvements. Therefore, it will have to be adapted to the most current version of the operating systems, update libraries, etc.
If we also want the project to have an optimal level of operation, maintenance tries to undertake all the necessary improvements so that the project performs at its best. In this sense, the maintenance would cover the correction of errors, small evolutions and revision to detect anomalies.


Why hire app maintenance?

The importance of hiring effective app maintenance can be found in the following points:

  • Continuous updates to mobile operating systems make it necessary to, in turn continuously adapt apps too ensure they remain relevant and functional on each operating system.
  • Due to the emergence of new devices on the market, it is highly likely that apps will stop working properly without proper app maintenance.
  • Uses won´t be happy with an app if it is not compatible with the latest versions of operating systems.
  • Because of the vast number of devices on the market, especially Android, regular checks are needed in order to ensure bugs are avoided.




What we do to maximize app maintenance

  • Correcting errors (bugs) that arise after the warranty period is of the utmost importance for app maintenance.
  • Adapting applications to the style guides of new operating systems.
  • Adjusting apps to new devices that appear on the market.
  • The maintenance of the app, including their server when it is necessary.

The maintenance of apps in Mobivery guarantees the evolution of the app. It is important not to solely focus on investing too heavily in the initial development of our app but after that keep growing the number of downloads and the use of our app.


How much does it cost to maintain an App?

The cost of mobile app maintenance depends on many factors. An internal app of a company that is used on a specific type of device is not the same as an app that is distributed from stores and that must work correctly for all platforms and most of the operating systems supported by them. .
In addition to that, a distinction must be made between basic maintenance that simply reviews the app and updates it without functional or aesthetic changes, or personalized maintenance tailored to the solution that requires a study based on the needs and demands of the client.

Therefore, a priori it is not easy to say how much maintenance can cost without knowing the mobile application. But we could say that at least we will allocate in a medium complexity app between 2 % and 5 % of what you have invested in the application.


Our team of experts can help you with the maintenance of your mobile application, do not hesitate to contact them because their expertise allows them not only to maintain apps developed by us, but also to resume ongoing projects and give continuity to your product.


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