What is ASO or ASO positioning and how does it work?

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que es aso

ASO: positioning for apps

What is ASO positioning? ASO is the acronym for App Store Optimization. In other words, optimizing a mobile application in the place in which it is released to ensure it can be in and around the top places in the search list. This would in turn increase the number or organic downloads.


ASO positioning: what is it?

Organic ASO is a fundamental piece in the definition of the strategy of a mobile solution because the search in the app stores is the main channel for discovering new applications.

Now more than ever it is necessary to establish a good job of content design, and a strategy that takes into account ASO factors to stand out in the great ocean that are currently the application stores.


What is the objective pursued by ASO?

In our initial ASO strategy, we focus on uploading the app to stores with the aim of maximizing its visibility to increase traffic to the listing and reduce the initial cost of acquiring users.

The application is available and optimized in the places where there is more potential to attract an audience, which are, for iOS and Android respectively, the Apple App Store and Google Play.


What is ASO or ASO positioning: influencing factors

We must take into account the type of app that we want to position and the business case of the product. There are a great number of factors that affect ASO positioning so we must strive to influence these factors to achieve our goal of visibility.


On-Metadata: Optimization is focused on the content

After such a long time spent describing apps we know exactly what is needed for each and every app, depending on the marketplace. We know the area and categories on which we need to focus the ASO positioning. For that we always take the following into account:

• App title (Google Play) / AppName (AppStore): the app must have a unique name that distinguishes it from the ocean of apps in the app stores.
• The app´s keywords: keywords that will allow the search for the app and its positioning within those groups.
A description of the app: You have to know how to use the correct words and a suitable copy for the typical user of the app.
Logo: An attractive logo is important because we must take advantage of that small space to start telling the user something. Make it stand out.
• Screenshots: they allow the user to see the design of the app, they favor its download if they are attractive.
Demo videos: Thanks to them, the user can easily understand how to use the app.
• Category of the app: app stores offer a series of categories in which the app must be framed, we cannot ignore this because we will compete within that category.
• Developer name: indicates the name of the person or company behind the development of the app.




Off-Metadata: The ASO positioning in relation to the reviews and comments of the users

This area is not entirely within the realms of our control in regards the optimization of the app. There are however other ways to market your app properly. We can, however, at this stage observe:

• User´s comments: the positive reviews of the users are taken into account to improve positions in the top of the stores.
• User´s reviews: this refers to how many stars the user gives the app. We cannot influence but we can take action to request this rating when we think it will be positive.
• Mentions on websites: It is also interesting that there are websites that point to our app, since this factor also influences the ASO.
• Operation of the mobile app: or as they say, you have to build for retention.


Experience in ASO positioning. What does Mobivery do and how, exactly, does it work in terms of ASO positioning?

Mobivery was the first company to be recognized in the Apple AppStore. Our team has been using positioning since the AppStore’s inception in 2008 it has been of a huge benefit to our clients.

Our wealth of experience with the SEO for apps improves the ASO positioning of the App in order to achieve better visability in the marketplace (AppStore or Google Play Store). In all this time we have reached the Top Chart with countless tailor made applications.


Tell us your idea. We can offer you all the process until our Growth service. Contact our experts who will help you grow better.


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