App marketing: how to market your app

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There are almost 6 million applications published between the App Store and Google Play, the two official stores that lead the market. In this ocean of apps we must assume that highlighting in the beginning is not easy, so worry about market your app properly is essential to avoid drowning.

Here we offer some tips on how to market your app, so that your application starts on the right foot even before its publication in the stores. The effort is worth it.


1. – Get users before launch

When I say users, I do not just mean that there is a social mass that has downloaded the app before its publication. Also that we get that known from the sector of the app in question can test it at the end of its development.

This presupposes, and it seems fundamental, that we must have a network of contacts and knowledge in the area in which our app fits. If for example we are trying to launch an app to facilitate the search of products on a mall, it seems logical to think that we had to work in the sector and have contacts in it.

How will these contacts help us? They can provide us with valuable evaluations, which will allow to have an opinion in advance, that probably will be similar to the general public whose feedback will have to wait for the launch. Likely, they will require functionalities not implemented yet or perhaps they infra-use some that you thought they were fundamental.


2.- Do not leave the ASO aside

Let’s highlight in this section the points that add up to market your app in the store so that your application stands out.

  • Title of the application: the keywords for the title should be well chosen. The four most important keywords should be the first, remember that your choice depends on going out in the searches of the users. In the App Store, the words chosen in the title are more important because they have more weight to obtain better positions in the ranking than those in the keywords section. Google Play, on the other hand, does not allow these keywords so we will put more focus on the description of the app that in this store will have more importance.
  • Screenshots: design, more and more, is key in the choice of applications. Market your app without a previous UX job is inconceivable. Innovate in the images that will explain what is the content of your app and make you want your download.
  • Reviews: applications with positive reviews occupy the most prominent places in the stores. From now on, the first evaluations that will appear in the App Store will be the ones that users have voted as the most valued.


3.- Invest in advertising to market your app

If your app needs an initial push, invest in paid advertising. Google AdWords is a very effective tool for this purpose. Make a budget and … let the promotion begins!

Google also makes AdMob available to us, to obtain income thanks to our application.

For Android, AppBrain facilitates the tasks of promotion, monetization and ranking of our app.

Social networks also have very powerful tools that allow us to filter our audience and market your app. With little budget you can reach enough potential users.


4.- Promote your app on social networks

With this we are not saying anything new, but it is convenient to remember them. Create a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus also favor downloads and knowledge of our application. In addition, depending on the type of app, you can give service to the client using Twitter for example.


5.- Create a website and a blog

Market your app must include at least the construction of an attractive landing page that explains its characteristics, embedding explanatory videos and receiving comments and suggestions. Include in the web an entry for your blog and start before the launch of the app to prepare the ground. The content creation will also be an important factor to promote your app.


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