Sign in with Apple will be mandatory with iOS 13

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Apple apps have a new feature to sign into the apps wherever they already offer third-party sign in solution. This novelty, presented already in the Keynote 2019, will be considered mandatory in the applications after iOS 13 and in the apps developed in advance if they perform any update.

The main feature of “Sign in with Apple” is to prevent third-party services from obtaining information from users who register in an application. If you enter at Facebook and access Settings> Your ads preferences, you will see how many apps in which you signed in appear (even if you did it without Facebook!). Because the email that you use to log in is registered as a Facebook user email. In addition, we cannot control that these third parties give more informantion than the email to other companies, or that they track us while we are using the app.


How does the sign in with Apple work?

Whenever it appears available in the application in which you want to set up an account, select the “Sign in with Apple” option. To do this you must have created in advanced an Apple ID. That´s a piece of cake.




Advantages for the user


 It is the key factor by which Apple created this function, Apple only knows the name and email of the user. Apple says it does not track the user while using the application. In addition, in the apps that request a name and email address, Apple can generate a random email address that hides the actual email.

Double authentication factor:

If you choose to create your account with Apple, you will benefit from double factor protection because Apple users can re-authenticate with Face ID or Touch ID.

Universal use:

Apple identification works natively on MacOS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS and in any browser.


Advantages within the application

  • Apple has also put itself on the side of the app´s owner and, thanks to a privacy-friendly signal allows to determine whether the new user is a real person or not.
  • It facilitates the creation of an account early if your application has limited functionality without an account.
  • It allows users to create an account after interacting with the functions of the application.
  • An account can be created after completing a purchase as a guest.
  • Users with existing accounts can log in or re-authenticate in any version of the application.


Including this option that boost privacy could to discourage some developers because some users data is lost, so Apple gives no option and feature will be required soon. If your app has a proper maintenance it always will be ready for the app stores changes.


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