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Since the health crisis caused by covid-19 began, we have been more aware of personal interaction and the importance of cleaness. That is why a myriad of restaurants, also driven by the prohibition on offering reusable menus, have chosen to display a QR code on their tables that allows customers to download the menu. Just before writing this article I have seen on the internet the number of pages that offer this service for an annual fee when all they do is associate a pdf with the restaurant’s QR.

Well, although this seems to be a recent necessity, we developed a while ago a mobile app that goes far beyond digitizing the menu in the catering business. Our clients were visionaries and created a simple and useful app for both clients and restaurant owners.

Value proposal

Redy’s story began two years ago with the proposal of an MVP to develop a backend and two native apps for the catering business. Why is this app different from what already exists? What are the advantages for the client and for the owner of the catering business?




Redy advantages for customers:

  • Order from the mobile from the moment it arrives at the table.
  • A menu with a very good visualization (it is not a pdf).
  • A very clear organization: categories of dishes, titles, allergens, description and price.
  • Easily add dishes to the command (without ordering), ordered or served and remove those that have not been ordered.
  • View at all times what has been ordered, facilitating the control of spending.
  • Quickly ask for anything pending.
  • Request from the Redy app your check, also you can indicate if you prefer to pay by card or cash.


Redy advantages for the catering business:


  • Organize comfortably the tables of your restaurant thanks to the CMS (content management system).
  • Distribute the bar with separate positions with different QR.
  • Export the different QR of the tables and download them to manage them as your choice.


  • View the order in charge and start it.
  • Organized orders, being able to filter between the old and the present ones.
  • See the data details of the orders.
  • It will appear prominently if the customer has requested the check.
  • Change the status of the dishes and cancel them.


How does it run?


Apps and backend design

Vivid colors (reddish, orange and pink) and white for the text have been used for the logo. In this way we reflect liveliness and youth in the brand identity.

Following the same line of the logo, we worked on the graphic line of the app. Below we show an example of the requested account. The primary color of the logo and a light gray have been used for the secondary.

The same style has been followed for the CMS as in the app. The primary and secondary colors have been used, a background with illustrations about food, white boxes with the same simplicity as the cells of the app, sans serif typography, similar selectors under the text, etc. It has been taken into account that the cells are large enough to be pressed both on the web and on tablets while working.

It is an MVP in which, as you can see, we worked the brand’s identity, product concepting, app design and development, CMS design and development, upload to stores and currently maintenance. A turnkey project for a startup that was born with the intention of revolutionizing the digitization of the catering sector.



This mobile app goes far beyond having the pdf of a restaurant on your mobile, this app transforms the business where it is installed because it optimizes the work of the employees, saving unnecessary trips and organizing the commands efficiently. This can be considered digitizing a process that has an impact on sales, as orders are not lost due to not serving customers at the right time.

Transform your current pdf into a much more professional and intuitive digital menu:


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