Mobile apps to have fun in quarantine

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We are all affected by the quarantine, so the mobile apps that we show you below are designed to make your day. This post for the first time is not addressed to those people who have the need to develop a mobile application but to everyone who wants to enjoy mobile apps from their home.

These days we have additional tasks to those working remotely: we spend more time cooking, we educate our children at home, we have to entertain the elderly and on top of that we have to dress up as ghostbusters every time we go to the supermarket.

Mobile apps can help us to make our lives easier, and this time we are not going to talk about our app development, but rather about what others have developed to make quarantine more bearable.


Here you have 4 apps to kill time at home these days:


1. Bingo

Bingo! for iOS aplicaciones móviles coronavirus With this application you cannot go wrong. Entertain the elders and teach the children, no need to waste time explaining the rules to your friends. Turn on the app and start playing!

How we use this app: if you play with the family in a videoconference, share the screen of your mobile with Airplay to follow the numbers when they are called out while you still see your family. Do you want children to learn other language? You have available this app in a myriad of them, have fun with the caller´s rhymes. You can choose to play between 90 balls or 75 balls (american way) to make the game more agile, the option to slow down is very useful if you play with children. Success assured, you´ll tell me. It is one of the mobile apps that we have used the most with friends these days.



2. Undercover

aplicaciones móviles coronavirus Undercover for iOS and Undercover for Android This app is ideal for having a good time and allows people of all ages to mingle. Another thing in its favor is that it doesn’t need too much explanation. You can enjoy it from 3 to 20 players.

How we use this app: in this game everyone receives a secret word except the undercover who receives a similar one and does not know at first what their role is. With children you can discard words if the topic or the difficulty does not fit them. There is also another role called Mr. White, do you guess what could it be? It has several languages so is also very useful to play with children in another language and all the adults we have played with love it. There is a free mode but you will see that, like us, you end up buying it.



3. Cube Escape

aplicaciones móviles coronavirus

Cube Escape for iOS and Cube Escape for Android Rusty Lake is the creator of this escape room saga of which we are linking the first one here. You’ll see how it hooks you and you’ll end downloading more.

How we use this app: interact with the space that shows you to discover the mysteries and think outside the box! Do not give up (you can always find a trapdoor in Google). Do not forget the objects you are collecting because you may need them later. The best part is to immerse yourself in the story of each one of the seasons of these mobile apps. We are hooked on escape rooms, although I don’t think it’s the first thing I´ll do when I leave the house to be honest. Take a breathe, you’ll be so focused that it will help you to disconnect.



4. Patchwork

aplicaciones móviles coronavirus Patchwork for iOS and Patchwork for Android This is the only paid app that we include in this list. This game is about completing a virtual quilt board with patches. In the simplicity lies its brilliance, don’t take it for granted!

How we use this app: this game for two players is suitable for both adults and children and teaches about anticipation and the value of both money and time. You can play with young children adapting it to their level, actually the app version is easier for them than the board game (we have both :-)) because the iPad highlights the patches that can be selected. The investment in this type of mobile apps is worth it since the board game has a higher value, when we travel again I’m sure it will pay you off.



We hope that these mobile applications help you as we do to have another way to connect with the family, to have a great time or even to relax. See you soon!



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