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You see a product on television or you read a story in the newspaper about a new business and you think: “it occurred to me first”. Yes, but they have overtaken you. In the world of mobile apps the same thing happens. And as in other areas, the barrier of knowledge is important.


The catalog of mobile apps available in the stores of the different platforms is enormous. Therefore, the normal thing is to think that everything is made up. But the great opportunities offered by this sector invite many to think that there is still room in the market for new ideas.

But are they really new? Sometimes, they have contacted us with a question similar to this one: “I have a very good idea, but I do not have the money or the technical knowledge to develop it, what can I do?

The answer is complicated. First, check thoroughly the AppStore, Google Play and other stores. Maybe the new idea already tops the first positions of the ranking. If you have not found anything in the search that looks like it, you can take the next step.


Mobile apps: the formula of success

On the one hand, it could be said that a promising idea without the capacity to carry it out is worthless. More or less ideas are like words: they have strength on paper, they enrich themselves when they are understood and they acquire power when they come to life. Unfortunately, to turn an idea into something real, you need some knowledge, or at least have money so that someone who does have that ability can develop our project.

You are the first one that you have to trust in your idea, defend it and know how to sell it well. Would you be able to ask for a loan or invest your savings? Then go ahead! With a good idea you can recover the investment relatively quickly. If you ask this question and your answer is negative, then do not waste your time developing the mobile apps. Maybe the idea is not so good.


If after giving it a thought you are still convinced that the mobile apps you have in hand is promising, you have three options:

– There are independent developers that you can turn to. Tell them the idea and negotiate with them the business model. If the problem is trust, you can always to sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to prevent a few months later you see that your idea was good, but it has taken shape without your name appearing anywhere.

– Find a development company that can accompany you throughout the process of creating the mobile apps. The investment will be greater but you ensure that the product has a high quality and is scalable. At Mobivery we are experts in taking full advantage of your mobile apps´ idea by conceptualizing the minimum viable product and developing your business strategy.

Do it yourself. In the market there are multiple tools to create your own mobile apps without having to have programming or design knowledge. Some examples that you can try are Apps Builder or Makr App.

The mobility sector does not close the doors to non-professional mobile apps and new initiatives are emerging every day to promote the entry into the market of new players.


In conclusion, think about this:

An idea is only valid when someone is willing to pay for it.

A product is the sum of one idea plus the execution. Or as Derek Sivers explains, ideas are only a multiplier of the execution capacity: If there is no idea or ability to execute it, there is no product.