Interface design

The graphical interface was designed respecting the Club's style guidelines. Clearly display the SFC team colors on all the screens. It has details that visually enrich each of the sections so that it is attractive to the user and uses it as a tool to be up-to-date with your team news. The simplicity in its navigation makes it intuitive and therefore has a good user experience.


The challenge in this project was to offer live TV and radio services, with good quality and without delay. We organized a kick-off so that the client could make decisions based on our recommendations, such as the technology we were going to choose for development. Finally, we brought up the native development of two apps for iOS and Android devices.
After the first stages of the project, in which the design takes center stage, it was the turn of the development team. We held regular meetings with the client every two weeks until the complete definition and implementation of version 1.0 of the app. This way of working shows constantly the progress of the project and making changes to the solution from an agile perspective.
At the end of the development stage, we take care of the upload to the stores advising the client at all times. Thanks to this, in the first week the app achieved more than 130,000 downloads and a 4.5 star rating.

Client: Sevilla Fútbol Club

Tech Stack: Swift, Java

Industry: Sport

Platforms: iOS / Android

The Sevilla FC apps offer all these advantages available to fans:

  • Direct access to all the fresh news of your club.
  • Share any news with the rest of the contacts on your social networks.
  • Enjoy the best high-quality videos: game summaries, interviews with players and coaching staff, news and much more.
  • Connect with the radio and watch the club Television.
  • Access to purchase game tickets.
  • Zona Fan, donde contactar de forma directa con el Club, recibir últimas novedades como abonado y suscribirte al resto de medios del Sevilla Fútbol Club.