Interface design

The graphical interface showcases neat and plain. It was played with very colorful images to enrich the backgrounds of the sections of the app. They make a good contrast with the whiteness of the rest of the elements used. Native components have been used to make it easy to develop and maintain.


The goal to achieve on this development was to improve the current app so that it would work perfectly on iOS. Communication in development was very important to achieve the defined objectives, so the client went to the dailys organized by the development team. This smooth communication made it easier for us to adjust to the planned schedule and for the client to be satisfied with the solution. Three months after the launch of the app, the client was able to close three contracts with different companies in Spain and abroad.

Client: Nubeprint

Tech Stack: Swift

Industry: Industry

Platform: iOS

With Nubeprint you can manage any model of printer or copier and all its consumables and supplies. Carry out smart monitoring by transforming data into information.

It is also possible to know the performance of each of your teams. How many days of supplies are left, how many pages, and how well each supply is performing.

Additional services can be requested from your regular supplier so that the toner reaches your home or office at the best price and just before you need it.